Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Unofficial Big Summer Beach Read?

Kudos to superstar writer J. K. Rowling for appearing to knock it out the park with her newest title The Cuckoo's Calling.  The "Harry Potter" author has managed a nice steal by writing under the pen name  Robert Galbraith  and garnering good buzz for the private investigator mystery novel.

When I first heard about the book this weekend on TV news (and the genuine news story now surrounding it) I missed the full title as I had hoped to place a hold on the book before the request list for copies by library users spiked up.  That didn't happen.  As of this moment, more than 40 copies of the book will be added to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system--to help fill 289 holds.

If I can take any solace, a co-worker placed a nice pristine copy of the book in my hands earlier today--before it went on its way to fill a library user's book request.  And Rowling got around to writing that rumored adult mystery.

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