Thursday, May 24, 2012

Old former school acquaintance, now mystery writer

During a backroom discussion at work about books and related matters last month, one co-worker (I'll just call her "M") mentioned that she had attended grade school years ago with a present-day mystery writer.  His name is Mike Faricy and he's new to me.  And since she readily recalled him, I was curious to hear about him.  Faricy does live in her old home state of Minnesota but only on a part-time basis.  He lives in Ireland during the other part of the year.
Mike Faricy
(from his website)

"M" forwarded his website address to me and reading a little, I see Faricy does have a ingenious twist with his book series. With titles like Mr Softee, Finders Keepers, and Chow for Now (8 books are promoted on his website), Faricy goes for catch-phrase titles while packing in sordid--if not also colorful--characters in various situations of action and humor.  He likes to write books based on private investigators--either the "skirt-chasing, dysfunctually" Dev Haskell or the houseboat resident, "owner of a failing bar" Dickie Mullins--but will also feature businessmen, mobsters and theives.  

Checking a national library database, Faricy's books don't sit on library shelves but he likely has a firm, selected fan base.  Dubbed as the "Minnesota Master of the Bizarre," Faircy's crime fiction books certainly have a regional scope--all are based in Minnesota.  So now when I feel the need to read about that area of the country, I know who I should consider.  Thanks "M." 

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